Reg. no: E 17164 - Mumbai
14, Shirish, Makarand Society, S.B. Marg, Dadar, Mumbai 200028

Managing Trustees : Rani Varma, Bharati Achrekar,Vandana Gupte
Advisory Trustees : Aruna Jaiprakash, Shrikant Dadarkar
Advisory Committee : Mohan Wagh, Ashok Hande

Padmashree Smt. Manik Varma, as the name rightly suggests, a real Gem in the crown of Indian classical music of Kirana Gharana, who truly lived up to her name dedicating her entire life to the divine music. Being gifted with a melodious voice, Smt. Manik Varma evolved a distinctive style of her own not only in Indian classical music but also in its other forms like Natyasangeet, Thumri, Bhavgeet & Bhaktigeet, which struck a chord among connoisseurs and commoners alike. For over four decades she mesmerized the generations of music lovers by her commendable renderation of Indian classical music, soulful Bhaktigeets, melodious Natyasangeet and deeply emotional lyrical Bhavgeets. All India Radio morning programs always opened with her songs and she became a household name, especially in Maharashtra's rich musical heritage. She was also deeply influenced by the power and passion of Balgandharva's gayaki of Natyasangeet and perfected the style to belt out some of the memorable 'Padaas' of the legendary singer actor. A recipient of most distinguished Awards like, Padmashree, Sangeet Natak Acadamy, Maharashtra Gaurav, Lata Mangeshkar Puraskar, G D Madgulkar Award etc, she also valued the common music lovers' appreciation and blessings. Her simple modest personality projected through her versatile music was as serene as a temple lamp which will keep glowing forever as a guiding force in the field of eternal music.

After her sad demise, her family set up a Trust "Manik Varma Pratishthan" in 1997, to cherish her memory in the field of music. One of the objectives of this trust is to felicitate eminent artistes who have contributed a lot to the field of music. They are honored and felicitated by the prestigious "Manik Ratna Puraskar", Award of Rs. 51,000/- each. The recipients of this award so far are as follows:
  • Gaan-Tapaswini Smt. Mogubai Kurdikar - 1997
  • Padmabhushan Smt. Gangubai Hangal - 1998
  • Music Director, Shri Sudhir Phadke - 1999
  • Padmabhushan Pandit Bhimsen Joshi - 2000

Every year, we also organize a 3 days "Manik Varma Mahostav" on May 16, along with Rangsharada Pratishthan, where traditional Sangeet Nataks (music plays) and many musical shows are performed by various artistes. This Mahostav also gives a platform for new artistes to present their art live in front of the music & art lovers.

Along with Maniktai's disciple Smt.Shaila Datar of Pune Bharat Gayan Samaj, the Pratishthan honors great artistes with "Manik Varma Smruti Puraskar" of Rs. 10,000/ each. The recipients of this award so far are as follows:
  • Year 2000 - Pandit Uday Bhavalkar
  • Year 2001 - Smt. Malini Rajurkar
  • Year 2002 - Smt. Jaimala Shiledar
  • Year 2003 - Pandit Babanrao Haldankar
  • Year 2004 - Smt. Manik Bhide
  • Year 2005 - Pandit D.K. Datar
  • Year 2006 - Pandit Ratnakar Pai
  • Year 2007 - Smt. Dhondutai Kulkarni
  • Year 2008 - Pandit Sangameshwar Gurav
  • Year 2009 - Pandit Ajay Pohnkar
  • Year 2010 - Smt, Sulochana Chavhan
  • Year 2011 - Smt. Padmawati Shaligram
  • Year 2012 - Smt. Yamunabai Waikar
  • Year 2013 - Smt. Shakuntala Khadilkar

We are extremely happy to announce that from 2014 onwards, the same "Manik Varma Smruti Puraskar" will be increased to Rs. 25,000/-. Well known singer, Smt. Suman Kalyanpur will be honored with this prestigious award for the year 2014 by the hands of the greatest Flute artiste, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiyaji on 16th April 2014.

The Trust also offers scholarships and awards to deserving individuals, through other private organizations in Maharashtra. The "Manik Varma Scholarship" of Rs. 25000/- has been offered to Marathi "Saregama Little Champs" final contestant, Kum. Arya Ambekar to get trained in Indian classical music.

The Trust has offered the donation of Rs. 25,000/- to Shubhashree Pratishthan to teach music to the underprivileged children who have tremendous potential and talent and are interested in pursuing a musical career for themselves, but cannot afford to learn on their own because of the financial constraints.

One of the Public Gardens in Shivaji Park area has been named as "Manik Varma Udyan" by the Bombay Muncipal Corporation, inaugurated by the Shivesena Pramukh, Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray in 1999.


Besides the above mentioned activities up till now, the Pratishthan's ultimate goals are :
  • To construct a small stage at the "Manik Varma Udyan" to offer as a platform to any artiste to display his /her talent to the common people, free of cost.
  • To build a small auditorium in her honor, as "Manik Kalamandir" which could be made available especially for all upcoming and established artistes programs, musical plays, lectures, music workshops, seminars or any such music, art and culture oriented activities.
  • To start a Music Academy in the near future to teach Indian classical music to aspiring students. This academy will also have a library for music loving people where they can listen to the old preservations of classical music of all artistes as reference.
  • Providing financial assistance to the homeless, aged people with very little income source and also to look after the people suffering from natural calamities such as flood, earthquake etc. This can be made possible either directly through our trust or through another trust created for the very purpose.

Considering the Trust's aims and objectives, we are sure you would co-operate in your best capacity by way of offering sponsorship / donations / online music download of her recordings to contribute towards our sincere efforts for the services in the field of Indian classical music and help us reach our ultimate goals and dreams.


Rani Varma
301, Juhu Princess, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049.
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